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For Her

For Her
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Milton Lloyd – Pure Gold Lady (50ml pdt) Fresh sparkling citrus, neroli and raspberry top no..
Milton Lloyd – The Look (50ml pdt) A naturally clean, pure and contemporary fragrance with a..
Milton Lloyd – Bondage (50ml pdt) A rich floral spicy oriental fragrance with a distinctive orang..
Milton Lloyd – Chacal (55ml Pdt) Milton Lloyd – Chacal (55ml Pdt) is a luxurious, oriental, flora..
Milton Lloyd – Fame For Her (55ml pdt) Milton Lloyd – Fame For Her (55ml Pdt) is a fresh ori..
Milton Lloyd – Futurity (55ml Pdt) Milton Lloyd – Futurity (55ml Pdt) is a refreshing, floral fra..
Milton Lloyd – Grasse Experience (50ml pdt) Milton Lloyd – Grasse Experience (50ml pdt): Fresh..
Milton Lloyd – I Am I Feel (50ml) Exciting top notes of fruity black currant and pear with powder..
Milton Lloyd – Jean Yves To Go (50ml pdt) Milton Lloyd – Jean Yves To Go (50ml pdt): A sensual..
Milton Lloyd – Kantali (55ml EDT) ORIENTAL SPICY FRAGRANCE Top notes: Citrus, Aldehydic &..
Milton Lloyd – Love You (55ml PDT) An elegant floral, fruity, green and musky creation. The fresh..
Milton Lloyd – Loves Me Loves Me Not (50ml pdt) Milton Lloyd – Loves Me Loves Me Not (50ml pdt): ..
Milton Lloyd – Miss Tutu (50ml edt) A modern sensuous chypre fragrance with bergamot, muguet and ..
Milton Lloyd – Monaco (55ml PDT) A warm, fresh floral fragrance of roses, carnations and violets...
Milton Lloyd – Night Sky (55ml PDT) A sparkling feminine fragrance with fresh citrus, blackcurran..
Milton Lloyd – Papagayo (50ml PDT) A subtle, oriental fragrance. Moss, vetiver and sandalwood are..
Milton Lloyd – Poker (50ml PDT) A very commercial fresh, floral spicy fragrance with sparkling pi..
Milton Lloyd – Popcorn For Girls (55ml Pdt) Milton Lloyd – Popcorn For Girls (55ml Pdt) is a play..
Milton Lloyd – Red Shoe (50ml pdt) A commercial modern chypre fragrance with sparkling green pear..
Milton Lloyd – She JYUK (50ml PDT) A sparkling cocktail of citrus fruits with the added touch of ..